Sherrilyn Bittman

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Thank you

“Thank you”,just isn’t enough to say!

Whitney is a realtor that goes above and beyond. Day or night, weekdays/weekends and holidays this girl is available around the clock.

She helped me find my new home for my kids and I.A time where I needed advice, support, and a friend. She was there!

Whitney is highly professional, enthusiastic and radiates poise.

Whitney is unbelievably knowledgeable in the housing industry. She has a eye for detail and is a respected and a well sought-after member of the real estate community.

I would highly recommend the Property Twins to anyone for personal or business in the market. Four hands, two faces and one amazing laugh!

Thank you again Whitney and Kirby for all your assistance and heartfelt energy during my house hunting journey!

My house is now our home where I will appreciate and love all the memories created for years to come!❤️