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As a child growing up in rural Southern Alberta I did not know what “art” was, but I was creative and mischievous and would put bars of soap in the microwave to see them expand into unique creations or would sew my own toques to wear on the ski hill; I was always experimenting. My artistic grandmother loved oil painting, sewing and makeup…all things I have grown to love today! It was not surprising that I ended up graduating from Interior Design at Lethbridge College - it was a path that just fit who I was. Now as an Assistant to Whitney Maronda at Remax Real Estate - Lethbridge, I find my work creative and challenging; so I take great pleasure escaping into my art where I can create beautiful canvases, blending vibrant colours to express myself and my feelings. For me, painting is non-restrictive and is something I can do without the constraints of budget or time. I love the way my thoughts easily flow to fill an empty canvas with movement, life and spontaneity; using just a few drops of paint, alcohol and a heat gun! While colours can stand alone, they can express so much more when whimsically applied. Please visit my Instagram page Fairview_Gallery to see more!

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