Selling your home – 5 Step Selling Guide

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STEP 1. Getting ready to sell your home – Get your documents ready

Do you have all the accurate permits pulled for the current stage of your home?

Do you have a current real property report (RPR) and compliance. These are the responsibility of the homeowner, which may cost between $700-$1000. Please click link for PREFERRED PARTNERS

A Real Property Report In Alberta, unless the buyer agrees otherwise, the seller must provide a Real Property Report (RPR) with evidence of municipal compliance to the buyer prior to the deal closing. An RPR is a legal document prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor that shows property boundaries and improvements (structures) relative to the property’s boundaries. Evidence of municipal compliance confirms that property improvements comply with the municipality’s Bylaws and Regulations. It does not mean the building’s use complies with their Land Use Bylaws, easements, covenants, legislation, or other requirements affecting land or buildings. Contact an Alberta Land Surveyor if you need to update your RPR or obtain a new one.

STEP 2. Hiring the right Real Estate Agent

Once you hire a Real Estate Agent, they will start the process by pulling the current property title through Alberta Land Titles. This gives us important information on the home, land and owner.

STEP 3. Market Evaluation

We will next complete a market evaluation of your home, where we show comparable homes and locations across the city with specific upgrades similar to yours, to give you the most accurate selection of home sold and for sale, so we can make an educated decision on what your home is worth and what it should be listed at.

Does your home need to be decluttered, touched up, repaired, cleaned, or staged? All these items play a vital role in receiving top dollar and selling your home quickly. Sometimes this can be challenge, but we are here to offer suggestions, to best complete these tasks.

STEP 4. Make a Selling Plan with your REALTOR®

We make a selling plan – Such as what do you want to put your home on the market for? What type of reductions are we going to strategically plan?

Once all the above has been agreed upon, we will enter into a listing agreement with you. We will put signage on your lot (possibly at the front and the back) and we ask you to ensure it remains looking good at all times. If you need help, please let us know. We will arrange for professional pictures to be taken and a virtual walk through. A floor layout and room sizes will also be provided with the listing. Depending on the type of lot, a drone may also be used. All costs associated with this, will be paid for by The Property Twins. We will give you 24 hours notice if at all possible to book showings. This process can be very stressful, so it may be a good idea to schedule a cleaning service to help keep your home organized at all times, in case a buyer wants to see your home on short notice. If your home has make punch pad locks, make sure that the batteries are changed and the punch pad works properly; you never want an agent to not show your home because they can't get into it. Ideally, if you have pets, please remove them from the home prior to the showing or at least stow them in their carriers.

STEP 5. Social Media Marketing and Advertising

We do a tremendous amount of social media and will try to tag your home often. Please share these posts, to help with selling your home.

Once you receive an offer on your home, we will negotiate all the scenarios to make you the most profit and reduce the amount of stress for moving.

Now let's work together and get your house sold!