Matthew Cobham

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Whitney has been in the industry for years and has worked in all different areas of it. Because of this, she has been able to amass incredible knowledge and experience from all different aspects of building and/or renovating/maintaining a house and apply it to her now profession.

When building my house with Whitney, this clearly showed. She was able to provide advice on what would be beneficial/not so beneficial and was always able to give concrete examples as to why she had given that advice from her experience. She was also able to help redesign things and/or envision things from a different angle. She is always there to fight for you, the customer.

She has incredible contacts in the trades and real estate industry all over the Lethbridge area. This is very significant because she can very easily reach out to one of her contacts to see if something can be done or not.

Whether building new or selling/buying a home in the Lethbridge area; Whitney will always be my “go to” and the first person I would recommend for someone requiring the above mentioned services. Whitney has all of the professionalism, motivation, dedication and the experience that one could ever ask for and you will have an outstanding building/buying/selling experience with her as your agent.