Janessa Brown

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I could not have been more pleased with the realtor we chose. Whitney was a wealth of knowledge. Was eager to find exactly what we were looking for. And was as unwilling to settle for less than perfect as we were.
She showed us literally dozens of homes. Entertaining our every curiosity. Never rolling her eyes, never offering less than 100% dedication to OUR process. Understanding that every buyers process and needs are different. And NEVER uttering my least favourite words.... “It’s not my job”.

The list of things that Whitney did that “weren’t her job” is endless. Her expertise in the process of purchasing, as well as the multitude of relationships she has nurtured over her years in the industry made her a rockstar realtor!

We have the family home we dreamed of, while not taking on the behind the scene stresses that we know Whitney handled for us.
Trust, Integrity, care, passion, dedication. These were the qualities we were looking for, and found in a realtor with Whitney.
5 stars
Two thumbs up...
or whatever other fantastic ranking I could provide, is exactly what we would like to extend to Whitney.
Thank You.