Brett Maronda

Author: Mock Webware |

Whitney always gives anything she does 150%! People often say “Those Maronda girls never do anything half way!” I have witnessed this many times and I am usually the innocent bystander who gets roped into their big ideas!

Just a few examples of how Whitney goes above and beyond is how she hand picks a fabulous house warming present for each client and sets it up for them on possession day. Or the many times she has helped friends and clients do complete makeovers of entire rooms (taking several days to complete!) Or how at Christmas she hand makes and delivers goodies to every client/friend/trade in town!
Whitney will ALWAYS do what is best for her customers, sometimes even at her own expense. She will ALWAYS give her honest feedback and would do everything in her power to make the house buying process as easy as possible for her clients.

I am lucky enough to call Whitney my sister and I hope you can be lucky enough to call her your friend (after she sells you an amazing home!)