Making an offer

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a) We will need: driver licences of those who will be on the purchase contract, bank or mortgage broker information, lawyer information, bank draft or cheque for initial deposit when presenting the contract. Home buyers may also need to sign a dower (depending on marriage status) b) Included in the contract will be the offer price, additional items that you want to negotiate, condition removal date and possession date Conditions include: • Subject to the sale of your home • finance conditions • home inspection • Current Real Property Report (RPR) • compliance letter • proof of proper permits pulled from city • Response time for the seller to respond Once these items have been finalized, then the negotiating back and forth begins! Once both parties have mutually agreed on the terms of the contract, it will be considered an “accepted offer”. We will send everything to the bank/mortgage broker and lawyer, however you need to keep in mind the condition dates and be punctual with additional information needed by each.