Building a home is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity and this is such an exciting time to build! To become close to everything you have ever wanted down to the finest of details in location, design, colours and features to make your visions and dreams become reality. If you are wanting to build a new home, we are the gals for you!! With a combined of 35 years off selling new homes with Daytona Homes, Galko Homes and Ashcroft homes, selling windows for All Weather Windows and going to school for Interior Design. We have helped first time home buyers, break down the process, navigate the terminology and feel confident about their decisions. We have helped investors find a great property and worked out their rate of return on investment, so they know it is the right decision, and we have helped families select the perfect custom design, select everything building their dream homes, make their vision, budget and nerves stay intact and on course.

Let us help you find the perfect home for your family! Call Whitney at 403-715-2085 for more information!

Questions about the home building process?