Halloween With The Property Twins

Author: The Property Twins - Re/Max Real Estate Lethbridge |

Happy Halloween

A night we look forward to all year long! We love using our creative juices and coming up with some pretty fun and wild costumes. This year we were Toddler's in Tiaras and it was pretty epic if we do say so ourselves. We LOVE having our clients and friends stop by. We keep the fire warm and the drinks rolling, so if you missed us this year, stop by next year! Enjoy some pictures of all the fun costumes that stopped by. 


Spring's kids were a fairy and a Ninja Turtle this year. Cruz only changed his mind 3 times on WHICH ninja turtle (after she'd bought the Michaelangelo costume of course...) so a little blue paint, and he was TOTALLY Leo!  

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween with loads and loads of treats! See you next time. 


xoxo The Property Twins